Technical Recruiting with Social Media

Twitter was clearly leading the path in the recruiting trend in 2010. LinkedIn is currently stronger and more prevalent for professional connections.  We all know that connections require some kind of prior relationship (in most cases).  However, Twitter has allowed recruiters (and job seekers alike) to find potential connections they may not know. Twitter removes some of the formality of making crucial hiring connections and allows a bit more of our personality to shine through. Ultimately, recruiters are interested in who is going to make the best impression for their client and a standard resume doesn’t always reflect it.

Social media – including Facebook and LinkedIn – are avenues which allow us to be found by others such as friends and family, along with potential employers and potential employees. If you aren’t using these tools yet, then you will quickly be left in the dust by your competitors. This is the #1 Recruiting Trend for 2011. Candidates and clients will be judging your use of social media as a gauge of your abilities to be resourceful.

Keeping this in mind, employers should consider Policies and Practices to legally protect the company with privacy concerns.  Legal Counsel should be consulted for clarification in any of these situations.

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