Can’t Be Good at EVERYTHING? Try Recruitment Process Outsourcing…

Recruitment Process Outsourcing offers customized recruitment projects for companies to better source candidates quickly and with reduced risk and cost-per-hire.  When done correctly, RPO’s deliver a strategic advantage through the quality of candidates because they go where and when you need them for recruiting.

RPO was a new concept in the early 1990s and consists of a recruitment services model that companies are leveraging for various reasons. Typically the primary business drivers are scalability, process improvement, capability, and cost. Hiring demand normally fluctuates either seasonally and/or during regular business cycles of expansion and contraction. Building a world-class recruitment process can be a time intense expensive proposition, so companies are turning to Recruitment Process Outsourcing firms to leverage their existing expertise, tools, resources, and processes. By outsourcing some or all of the recruiting function, companies are able to improve recruiting performance, drive down cycle times, and drive out costs and inefficiencies.

An RPO does not replace the need for a Human Resources function in an organization, but fills the hiring gap with professional expertise in an area that is usually on the “back burner”.  This process can involve from receiving the candidates application until they physically start their new position – or any where in between.  Selecting the right RPO provider is key to developing a relationship and criteria of which to measure their success.  Most importantly, it will “boil down” to the value this provides your organization.

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