Making the Most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a huge asset to any professional, whether you’re job seeking or not. As with any application, there is always more you can do than just the basics. Here are a few things you can be doing to optimize your overall LinkedIn experience:

Updates and comment on statuses. This is probably the easiest thing you can do on LinkedIn apart from completing your profile. Updating your status shows your connections (and even hiring managers and recruiters) that you’re actually utilizing the platform, rather than just updating it when you need a job. You could also link your Twitter account and sync the updates, cementing your online presence. Further, commenting on the statuses of your connections is another way you can optimize LinkedIn because you are actually utilizing the core of the site: networking and molding relationships.

Make the most out of groups. Groups are a great way to interact with your connections and network with those in your industry. Join alumni groups, engage in discussions and help those who need resources and information. You could take this one step further and actually create a group of your own. How impressive will it look if you can say you created and maintained a group of a certain amount? It shows your leadership.

Research and follow companies. Interested in the tech industry? Want to work for one of the big three finance firms? The most useful information may not be found on a company’s website or networking events, but on their LinkedIn page. An organization’s LinkedIn page doesn’t just show company headquarters and mission statements. It also shows recent departures and job openings…things that regular sites just don’t show. Research and follow the companies you’re interested in; it may be the key to gaining insider knowledge.


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